Customer Service Skills


The focus of the course is to teach handling customer service scenarios through a variety of examples as this is the quickest way that delegates learn. Examples are provided for many environments such as retail, face-to-face customer service, help-desk, client meetings, call-center support, medical support, and so on. Delegates also explore several methods to handle customer complaints, learn how to say ‘no’ and discover how to tackle different challenges professionally. In addition, related communication skills are also covered. Topics such as body language, correctly structuring sentences for maximum effect and communicating on the phone are discussed and best practices are shown.

About the course:

This course introduces delegates to the core principles of customer services. By employing these values
and adopting the correct attitude, delegates will be able to handle the vast majority of customer interactions with ease no matter how unusual or complicated they are.

What will I learn?

  • In this highly practical course delegates will learn:
  • Different types of customers and different personalities
  • Correct questioning techniques
  • How to empathize with customers and maintain rapport
  • Customer Service Scenarios contains many case studies
  • How to handle complaints and unhappy customers
  • How to deliver a “Soft No”
  • Telephone Skills
  • Email Skills
  • Body Language
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